Elina Electro


Moment of History

ELINA Ltd. was founded in Israel by Mrs. C. Samuel in the early 1960’s. The company has become one of largest representative firm in Israel and set new market standards for integrity and customer service.
ELINA was constructed of several divisions handling various types of activities.

In 1990, with the decision of Mrs. Samuel to retire, each division director purchased his part of the activity and open a new firm. Therefore today in Israel there are several “Elina” companies. Although we share the same first name – each one is a separate entity, different ownership and still with a common history.
Among the companies you can found Elina Engineering, Elina Technologies, Elina Micro and Elina Industries.

ELINA Electro – Mechanics Ltd. set off (established) in 1992, under the direction of Mr. Aviel Pinkweiss. The company is located in Kfar Saba’s and is acting as an exclusive representative and agent of leading manufacturers from around the world.

In 2010, in effort to facilitate customers ability to differentiate us from the rest of the “ELINA’s” and in the spirit of innovation, we decided to renew our old logo to a modern one which is still based on the familiar three interlocking circles.

We serve clients of all market segments including Medical Electronics, Telecommunications, Military, Aviation and Space. Our vast experience, know-how and personal relationships with key members of our principals, enable us to offer professional technical counseling for engineering and OEM manufacturers.
ELINA is assisting local customer in coordinating a direct purchase from our manufacturers and also act as Distributor resellers, holding local inventory to support immediate needs.
Our customers enjoy free technical support allowing them to get the appropriate solution which is most efficient for them.

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